Educational Institutions

Crawford Central
Crawford Central School District covers the City of Meadville, the Borough of Cochranton, Vernon, Union, West Mead, Fairfield, East Fairfield and Wayne Townships. With approximately 3,800 students, the District has 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 senior high schools.  First and Second District elementary schools, Meadville Area Middle School, and Meadville Area Senior High School are all located within the City.


Crawford Tech is the center of occupational and technical skill training for secondary students and adults throughout Crawford County. Located in the City, Crawford Tech provides students of all backgrounds with the skills and resources needed to enter the workforce, further their education, or advance their careers.

Allegheny LogoAllegheny College is a private, four-year liberal arts college founded in the City in 1815. It is the oldest college in continuous existence under the same name west of the Allegheny Mountains. It is a nationally renowned higher education institution and a vibrant part of the Meadville community.

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is an open-enrollment, two-year college with community locations throughout Northern PA. The Meadville location is in Diamond Park, the center of downtown. 

The Learning CenterThe Learning Center K-8 School is an independent elementary and middle school with an emphasis on the arts, culture, and environment in addition to rigorous academic studies. It is located on Terrace St. in the City.

Seton Catholic School
Seton Catholic School is a private K-8 school with that combines Catholic teachings with its commitment to academic excellence. It is located on Pine St. in the City.

Crawford Christian Academy
Crawford Christian Academy is a private K-12 school with the purpose of providing a Bible centered education. It is located on Randolph St. in the City.