Rental Registration & Inspection Program

The Residential Rental Licensing Program was adopted by City Council in December 2022. The purpose of the program is to protect and promote the public health, safety, and welfare of City residents by establishing rights and obligations of owners and occupants of residential rental units.

What it Means for Tenants

Tenants can know that any licensed unit has been inspected for compliance with City code requirements. Tenants can expect a scheduled inspection every 2 years (or 4 years if the unit completes two consecutive inspections with no need for a reinspection). Tenants can use the ordinance to defend against retaliatory evictions or other adverse actions from their landlord if the tenant reports suspected code violations at their residence.

What it Means for Landlords

Rental units must be maintained for safety and kept up to code requirements. Rental units will need to be inspected every 2 years. Landlords can expect registration and inspection every 4 years if the unit completes two consecutive inspections with no need for a reinspection. Forms related to the program and a sample summary of items to be inspected can be found in the left side navigation tab.

Beware of Potential Rental Inspector Scammers

City officials are warning residents and landlords to be aware of potential scammers showing up at homes and requesting to be let into the home to conduct a City of Meadville rental inspection of the dwelling. The City’s Residential Rental Inspection Program will require inspections of rental units, but the inspections have not yet begun. Further, an inspector for the rental program will not show up unannounced asking for an inspection. They will arrange for the inspection beforehand with the landlord for a specific time and date. They will have proper credentials and identification. Residents or landlords who have an individual show up unannounced claiming to represent the City and requesting to conduct an inspection should not let them in. Residents or landlords with any questions about the program, or who have been approached by an individual claiming to be an inspector representing the City, please contact the City at (814) 724-6000.