Commercial Fire Inspections

The City’s Commercial Fire Inspection Program provides for biennial inspections of every commercial facility in the City by the Meadville Central Fire Department. The program is intended to protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare of the residents and citizens of the City of Meadville, as well as the work force, regardless of residency.
The program includes any structure, building or property that is not used or intended for use for residential occupancy; and any area in a residential building containing more than 10 dwelling units that is not integral to, and/or a contiguous part of, a dwelling unit. These areas include, but are not limited to, mechanical rooms, lobbies, hallways, community rooms, laundry rooms, and the exterior property.  Only the commercial portions of a structure containing both commercial and residential units shall be subject to the requirements of this program. Notice and compliance with this program shall be the responsibility of the owner of the premises or building.
All inspections by the code enforcement officers of the City of Meadville shall be during normal business hours of the commercial building and/or at the time when the businesses and/or commercial tenants have their hours of operation. Notice will be made to the property owner in advance of the scheduled inspection date.

For more information about the Commercial Fire Inspection Program, please view the ordinance in full here.