Fall Leaf Collection

Autumn leaves are collected in two ways:

1) Raked into piles placed between the curb & sidewalk (not in the street) for pick up by the City's leaf vacuum following the City's Fall Leaf Collection Map & Schedule. Leaves MUST be placed behind the curb by the Monday morning of the scheduled collection week.  Please note that the leaf vacuum will be on your street sometime that week to pick up leaves.  Once it passes by, it might not be on your street again until the next scheduled date a month later. Other reminders:
  • If your property does not have a curb or sidewalk, place leaves on the house-side of the ditch
  • Please do not put yard waste in with your leaves
2) Bagged in paper bio-degradable bags and placed at curb for pick up by Tri-County through the end of November.  Please refer to Tri-County's Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection Schedule. 
Should you miss both the City’s fall leaf collection on your street and Tri-County’s collection schedule ending in November, place remaining leaves in paper bio-degradable bags and call the City Public Works Department at 814-724-6053 to request pick-up.