Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a 7-member volunteer commission that, at City Council and administration’s direction, advises council, staff, and other boards or committees on planning subjects related to land use and infrastructure, such as the City’s zoning ordinance or parks plans, and performs certain other administrative or functional roles per state law. Its recent accomplishments include developing the City’s Climate Action Plan, initiating a repeal-and-replacement of the City’s zoning ordinance, and designating neighborhood planning areas in the City. For 2024-2025, the planning commission is directed to focus on contributing to the City’s housing and redevelopment area project plans, to a pedestrian-oriented transportation plan, and to updating and reissuing the City’s comprehensive plan.

Eligibility Requirements: Those wishing to serve on the Planning Commission must be residents of the City of Meadville and be at least 18 years of age.

Planning Commissioner Duties: Planning commission members must become familiar with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, the PA Urban Redevelopment Law, Sunshine Act, and other planning subjects as applicable. The commission must be able to run its own meetings, keep meeting minutes and other records, and prepare formal communications. Regular meetings are monthly and special meetings may also be required. Members are expected to contribute a minimum of 10 hours to planning commission tasks between regular meetings.

Meetings: Held the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the City Building, 894 Diamond Park

Members: Lee Scandinaro |  Jack Harkless |  Alan Shaddinger  |  Courtenay Dodge  |  Jason Ramsey  |  Julie Wilson  |  Sally J. Guzik-Jones

Contact:  Peter Grella, City Planner
Email  |  Ph. 814-337-8200

2024 Agendas & Minutes

06/06/24 Meeting Agenda      
05/02/24 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
04/04/24 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
03/07/24 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
02/01/24 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
01/04/24 Meeting Agenda       Minutes