Mayor Jaime Kinder

J. KinderMessage from Mayor Jaime Kinder

Heartfelt greetings and welcome to the City of Meadville!  If this is your first visit, please come back. If you are returning, we are pleased to have you in our City again.

My name is Jaime Kinder, and I have the honor and privilege of being the Mayor of the City of Meadville, a lovely community nestled on the banks of French Creek, surrounded by the rolling hills of northwestern Pennsylvania.  Since its founding in 1788, to present-day, the City of Meadville has had a rich history of civic pride.  Today it continues to be a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

Meadville is in the center of Crawford County with an abundant supply of natural resources, including lakes, streams and forest land. Hunting, fishing, cross country skiing and much more…no matter the season, we have the outdoor sport for you! Culturally, we are home to  multiple historic, artistic, and theatrical attractions, as well as Allegheny College, one of the oldest and most distinguished smaller, private colleges in America. And we are just a short drive to metropolitan areas of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo. Strategically positioned in northwestern Pennsylvania, Meadville is home to several corporate offices and manufacturing plants, including Channellock Tools and Acutec Precision Machining, Inc. As the tool and die capital of the world, Meadville is home to numerous small and large tool and die shops, and is a leader in precision machining, plastic injection molding and aerospace engineering. With an abundant supply of available employment opportunities, businesses in Meadville are continually hiring. We have recently been awarded the honor of being one of the top cities in the Northeast United States for starting a small business. And we are also in the top few as being the best commuter cities in Pennsylvania.

We believe in Meadville. Spend some time here, and you will too!

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Duties of the Mayor:

  • Authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform marriage ceremonies
  • Issues proclamations for special events or milestones
  • Signs checks for the City of Meadville
  • Creates the Council agenda in consultation with the City Manager and presides over all meetings of City Council
  • Represents the City at various functions and events
  • Chairs the Fire Pension Board and serves on the Police Pension Board
  • Chairs the Shippen Fountain Fund
  • Signer on most official agreements between the City and other parties
  • Meets with citizens regarding City issues and concerns
  • Speaks to various groups about City issues and City budget
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About the Mayor
Mayor Kinder is a mother of three and lifelong resident of Meadville along with her mother, grandparents, and great grandparents. Jaime attended Edinboro University as an adult student and studied sociology and African American history. Jaime has worked in sales and management for most of her life, and she has a wide range of work experience, including cleaning services at Allegheny College, cashiering and factory work in Meadville. In addition to her full-time job as a community organizer, Jaime devotes herself fully to the Meadville community as Mayor.

As Mayor, Jaime strives to be an advocate for people of all stripes, not just the privileged few. Additionally, actively assisting with efforts to build and maintain a diverse and thriving downtown community for local businesses and residents.  She is also committed to ensuring quality public spaces and the right to safe and affordable housing.

“Everyone who lives in our community, no matter what neighborhood, should enjoy safe housing and well-kept parks, streets and sidewalks." - Mayor Kinder