Plans & Reports

The following plans guide the City's current priorities and activities. Click the title of the plan to view it in full.

City of Meadville Comprehensive Plan
Adopted in July of 2013, the City's Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide to provide City Council, boards, commissions, and staff with a common understanding of the direction the City and its residents would like to move in the years to come. One of the best tools available to a municipality to address its future, particularly in terms of redevelopment is the comprehensive plan.  Smaller communities/cities like Meadville stand to gain a lot from the use of a comprehensive plan as they often have limited resources and a restricted tax base, thereby needing to plan more carefully.  To read the Executive Summary of the City's Comprehensive Plan, click here.

Climate Action Plan
Seasonal variations, extreme weather events, catastrophic natural disasters, and climate-related health impacts are becoming more intense and frequent as climate change threatens the health, safety, and overall well-being of communities across the globe, including the City of Meadville. The coming decades are expected to bring record flooding and heat waves across Pennsylvania. Unless action is taken, Meadville is projected to endure at least forty 90+ degree days annually by 2050. This plan (or “CAP”) has been written by citizens of Meadville for the Meadville community, with assistance from the PA Department of Environmental Protection, with the goal of to promoting environmental integrity, economic vitality, and quality design standards to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of those within our community. The utilization of long-range planning techniques, plan implementation, and developmental review practices are all measures that can aid in accomplishing these goals. 

Make Meadville Home: City of Meadville Housing Action Plan
Adopted in 2024, the Housing Action Plan was funded through an Economic Mobility Opportunity grant from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The purpose of the plan is to address the increasingly complex needs of safe, healthy, and affordable housing in the City. The resultant plan informs the City's role in creating and rehabilitating sustainable, equitable, and affordable housing that meets the needs of the community and preserves its character.

Recreation, Parks, and Open Space Plan
The plan was adopted by Council in February of 2016 with a main purpose of inventorying and analyzing all components of parks, recreation, and open space within the City. In 2013, the City adopted a comprehensive land use plan that included recreation in a general sense. One of the high priority recommendations of the plan was for the City to develop a comprehensive park, recreation and open space plan. The Meadville Plan included three main phases: Existing Conditions, Needs Analysis, and Action Plan. To read the Plan's Executive Summary, click here

Strategic Management Planning Program Final Report
In 2020, the Pennsylvania Economy League Central Division (PEL) undertook an analysis of the financial condition of the City of Meadville under the state’s Strategic Management Planning Program. The goals of the analysis were to determine the City's current and future overall financial condition. The current analysis involved a review of the city’s financial reports, independent audits, debt payment schedules, pension obligations, the 2020 budget, other fiscal data, and additional relevant information and factors that may affect the current and future financial condition of the city, including sociodemographic data. The final report incorporates the analysis data, as well as projected, to the extent possible based on known factors and available data, revenues and expenditures for 2020 through 2024 assuming continuation of obligated levels of wages and operations, existing revenue patterns and other operating trends and recommendations to assist the city in developing and improving its administration, public works and public safety services.