EMS Week

The City of Meadville is proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of EMS Week (May 19-25) to highlight the dedication of the individuals in our Fire Department and EMS Division that provide quality, life-saving care to the Meadville community year-round. The City of Meadville EMS Division has been in operation for over a year now, and as Deputy Fire Chief & EMS Coordinator Evan Kardosh stated:

"EMS Week stands for 2,300 EMS Calls and 2,000 transports of the sick and injured.
EMS Week stands for literal lives saved from the hard work of our providers.
EMS Week stands for positive and lasting impact to the City’s residents and the surrounding community by having available, reliable, advance pre-hospital care.
EMS Week stands for additional personnel at the Meadville Fire Department.
EMS Week stands for personal career growth and learning.
EMS Week stands for some of the best, most dedicated, most selfless care providers I have ever met."

Please say hello and thank you to our EMS First Responders when you see them in our community; not just this week, but all year!

Fire Department April 2023 - Cropped